At Making You Smile, we help you develop a brand strategy aligned with your brand’s soul and your company’s vision, aspirations, and goals. This will enable you to revolutionize your brand from the inside out with an authentic story that captivates and engages the right people. Once we've defined your strategy together, we'll help you implement it with clarity and consistency across every customer touch point. Lastly, we'll assist you in empowering your team members to become storytellers themselves.

The process

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Step 01: Brand strategy elaboration

We will help you build a powerful brand strategy by laying a solid foundation. As part of (re)shaping your brand, we will start to work on articulating your key messaging.

A. Look into the “soul” of your brand and clarify its essence by asking the following questions:

  • Why are you doing what you are doing?
  • What do you offer that no one else does?
  • Who needs or would want what you're offering?
  • What's your story?
  • And more

B. Define the brand strategy and articulate its messaging through identifying the following elements:

  • Brand purpose/mission
  • Core value proposition
  • Main differentiators
  • Positioning
  • Client profiling
  • Brand personality/tone
  • And more
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Step 02: Visual brand design

We will continue (re)shaping your brand with a visual design that fully reflects the strategy we defined together during the step 01.

The visual identity of your brand influences every single touch point that you have with your audience.

We'll start with:
  • Logo
  • Typeface and fonts, color palette, patterns and/or illustrations, etc.
  • Graphic design guidelines for print materials: business cards, stationary, packaging, sales materials, etc.
  • Graphic design guidelines for digital properties: website (concept/template), social media pages, email signature, etc.
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Step 03: Website development

This is the moment when we make your brand shine. After having defined the step 01 and 02 together, we will move forward with implementing it on your website.

A. Hone your brand’s editorial identity and write website copy based on that identity

B. Move forward with the website design (detailed mockup)

  • We design every screen with Figma or Adobe XD depending on the client's wish.
  • We proceed with clearly written descriptions of how users will perform tasks on your website. This is to ensure the product will work as imagined.
C. Develop the website

  • We code "proofs of concept (POC)" for the most technically challenging parts, if any, to anticipate the right solutions in case of complexity.
  • We're experts when it comes to Wordpress and Symphony. We also often use Wordpress as a backend and enjoy playing with Javascript frameworks to create a nice user-friendly interface design on the front end.
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Step 04: Marketing & training support

We will assist you with carrying out work related to your (re)branding across key customer touch points and building your company culture around it.

  • Content marketing and social media strategy
  • Marketing plan guidance
  • Brand culture implementation and team training tools
  • Additional elements based on your needs

Our work always begins with your brand strategy.
Here’s how we can work together.

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Step 01 only
Get just the brand strategy – the core of the core.

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Step 01 & 02
Get the strategy and the visual brand design.

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Step 01, 02, & 03
Get the strategy and the visual brand design, then implement it online.

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Step 01, 02, 03, & 04
Get the strategy and the visual brand design, implement it online, and build your whole company culture around it.

Who we work for

We work with companies/organizations and entrepreneurs who:

  • have a leader’s mindset and are used to working with a long-term vision
  • understand the value of a well-established brand (If you're in business, it's your #1 asset)
  • are creating a new brand or want to reimagine an existing one with a strategy that truly works
  • are planning to take their business global and looking to prepare their brand with a more solid foundation
  • our purpose and core values resonate with
  • are open to remote work. Our services are borderless.

Meet our team