Work · Verney-Carron: 200 years

Bringing a two-hundred-year-old family story to light

  • Brand strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Design
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What we did:

  • Brand strategy
  • Editorial content
  • Press campaign design
  • Press kit
  • Press agency recruitment
  • Press event organization
  • Media interviews support
  • Photography


Established in 1820, Verney-Carron is the longest-standing gunmaking house in France, founded and run by the Verney-Carron family for two hundred years.

To celebrate the gunmaker’s bicentenary, the Maison Verney-Carron wanted to make its unique know-how and heritage known to a larger public.


To begin with, our primary objectives of this project were to promote their philosophy about hunting and nature while bringing to light the family’s two-century-old history.

We recruited a press agency specializing in art and culture to co-create PR events and media campaigns. Thanks to this strategic partnership, Verney-Carron benefited from extensive exposure through national and regional media focused on art, history, and finance, as well as general information. When it came to hunting and nature, we targeted luxury magazines.

The result was the presentation of a heritage brand with a restored sense of pride and purpose in living up to its legacy. This successful campaign also contributed to intriguing a number of financial investors in search of meaningful strategic investment opportunities. In fact, the investor group who now holds the majority of Verney-Carron’s shares officially announced in 2022 its plan to invest 20M€ over the next five years.

The final result

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