Define the unique value you create for your customers: Use this Framework

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By Taehee Kim Verney-Carron

Handwritten note - from point A to point B

Are you wondering how to position your business clearly? Apply this framework to clarify the true value you create for your customers.

At Making You Smile, our work begins with clarifying our client's value proposition before we embark on any creative endeavors that bring results - whether it involves crafting copy, designing a new visual identity, building a website, or developing any other branding and marketing tools.

To guide our clients through this process, we often encourage them to utilize this « From Point A to Point B + How » framework.

For example, let's imagine one for:

- A beauty brand's serum: From over-sensitive, troubled skin that's nearly depressing you (point A) to healthy, radiant skin that lifts up your spirit in just 2 weeks (point B) thanks to our powerful XXX ingredients (how)

- A startup consultancy firm: From suffering market validation anxiety (point A) to having a surefire customer acquisition strategy (point B), developed using our unique methods of data collection and analysis backed by YYY technology (how)

- A life coach's offer: From feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and insecure (point A) to feeling energized, focused, and confident (point B) by following my 45-day holistic reset process for body, mind and soul inspired by the ancient ZZZ way of living (how).

You've understood the formula, haven't you?

A. Describe the current pain experienced by your target buyers.
B. Articulate the desired outcome you can deliver.
C. Explain how you create that value.

...And be specific for each point. That's the key.

As we frequently do this work for our clients, it got me (re)thinking about the value we want to create for every project we undertake.

"At Making You Smile, we help each of our clients move from confusion or doubt about what to do for their brand to a sense of pride, certainty and excitement. We accomplish this by refining their brand vision through six key strategic elements, and then executing it with seamless consistency and creativity."

If you find yourself uncertain about how to effectively define your business, we highly recommend using this framework to clarify the unique value you offer. Try it out today, and let's make your brand truly stand out.

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